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Market Bosworth

[An image showing Market Bosworth]Market Bosworth is a delightful little market town in Leicestershire.

The town gave its name to the Battle of Bosworth, one of the most crucial battles of English history, when the Tudor dynasty came to power. It was here in 1485 that Richard III was defeated by Henry Tudor, who took the crown as Henry VII. The popular Richard's body was brought back to Leicester and buried at the Grey Friars.

The street name signs in the town centre are all embellished with a white boar, Richard's emblem, or a red dragon, that of Henry.

The little triangular Market Place is still used for its original purpose, the weekly market.

Market Bosworth is very proud of its beautiful floral displays, which regularly earn the town awards in the Britain in Bloom contest.

Dr. Samuel Johnson taught at the Grammar School for a while as a young man. He was apparently not very good at it, but obviously made up for this in later life.

Bosworth Hall, the home of the Dixie family, is now a hotel.

The 13th century St. Peter's Church is still used for worship, and is open to visitors at all reasonable times.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Market Bosworth for groups.

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