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Bosworth Hall (Market Bosworth)

Bosworth Hall stands in the attractive Leicestershire market town of Market Bosworth.

It is close to St. Peters Church.

Bosworth Hall is a grand 17th century mansion, and was the home of the Dixie family, important in these parts for centuries.

The grounds contain a curious tower, which is connected to one of those 18th century symbols of wealth, an orangery.

The extensive Market Bosworth Country Park, now in the care of Leicestershire County Council for public use, was the private park for Bosworth Hall.

The hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a daughter of the house, killed when gangrene set in after she had been caught by the man trap set for her lover, a lowly estate worker.

A house guest in the late 19th century was the Zulu King, Cetewayo.

Bosworth Hall is now a hotel with a fine reputation.

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