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About is a social bookmarks manager. Normally, if you bookmark a website on your computer you can only use that bookmark when you're using that one computer. But what happens when you visit a friend's house and suddenly need to tell them about something fantastic that you bookmarked but can't remember where it is on the web? This is where steps in. By bookmarking a page on you will be able to find your bookmarks anywhere in the world, simply by visiting

The benefits of using

  1. Tagging a page means that you'll be able to easily find it again in the future wherever you happen to be that has an internet connection. This is a good thing if you find yourself working at multiple computers a lot.
  2. If you have a large collection of bookmarks it can become difficult to find individual links sometimes. With a tagged system you can tag any individual page with as many terms as you like, allowing you to easily drill through them to find what you want. So, is a good system if you find yourself bookmarking lots of pages, or wishing you could remember where you saw that fantastic page you read a couple of weeks ago.
  3. As well as helping you to re-find the pages which you've already tagged, is also great for other users. Any pages which are tagged end up being linked on the homepage, where other visitors can see and click on them. Hence, by tagging a page on you are both helping yourself and other people.