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William Brown Street (Liverpool)

William Brown Street is a remarkable street in Liverpool.

It is situated just around the corner from Lime Street Station and the impressive St. Georges Hall.

On one side of the street are St. John's Gardens, filled with memorials to the great and the good of Liverpool, while on the other side is a collection of important classical buildings.

The Lancashire County Sessions House dates from 1884.

The Walker Art Gallery was completed in 1887. It has one of the finest collections of paintings and sculpture outside London.

The Picton Reading Room and Hornby Library was opened in 1879. The circular reading room is based on that of the British Museum.

The Liverpool Museum was designed by Thomas Allom and opened in 1860. It has collections of archaeology, particularly from ancient Greece and Egypt, natural history and space.

Finally, the Mountford Building, opened in 1902, is now part of John Moores University.

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