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Lime Street Station (Liverpool)

Lime Street is the main railway station in the major English city of Liverpool.

One of the earliest railway lines in the country, and indeed in the world, was the Liverpool to Manchester line, of which Lime Street was the terminus. At the opening of the line in 1830, William Huskisson, President of the Board of Trade, became the first man to be killed by a train.

The last stretch into the station runs through a cutting hewn out of the rock.

Opposite the station is the impressive classical St. Georges Hall.

Lime Street itself is named after the lime fruit that was a staple diet of sailors, and the lime kilns that were once in the vicinty.

The street is mentioned in the anonymous song "Maggie May" about a notorious prostitute and swindler ("she'll never walk down Lime Street any more"), whose name was resurrected in the 1970s Rod Stewart song.

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