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Halfpenny Bridge (Lechlade)

Halfpenny Bridge is a picturesque bridge over the River Thames at Lechlade in Gloucestershire.

The bridge carries the A361 over the Thames, and its importance in coaching days, as a route between Burford and Swindon, can be seen from the old tollhouse.

This is the highest point to which the Thames is navigable, just a little downstream from where it is joined by the Coln.

The Thames here marks the boundary between the counties of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

It was from here that stone for St. Pauls Cathedral was shipped to London, and Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote a poem inspired by rowing up to Lechlade from Windsor.

Pleasure craft operate from beside the bridge, giving the chance for a leisurely cruise downstream.

There are delightful views up and down the river from here, as well as a fine view of St. Lawrences Church.

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