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Lechlade is a small town in Gloucestershire on the River Thames, perhaps the most famous river in the world.

The town lies not far from where the Thames rises, near Cirencester, and is the highest point to which the river is navigable. The Thames is joined here by the smaller rivers Coln and Leach.

Beside the river is a splendid statue of Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea, as well as Ha’penny Bridge and St. John’s Lock.

The parish church is an interesting one with a fine Priest’s Door.

It was from Lechlade that stone for the building of St. Pauls Cathedral commenced its journey downstream. Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote a poem about a boat trip to Lechlade.

A little way down the river is Kelmscott Manor, the celebrated home of William Morris.

Places in Lechlade

Halfpenny Bridge, St. Lawrences Church

Places in Lechlade...