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King Charles the Martyr Church (Tunbridge Wells)

King Charles the Martyr is the parish church of the elegant Kent spa town of Tunbridge Wells.

Until the late 17th century, there was no place of worship here, as the wells were regarded as a place to be visited from Tonbridge five miles away.

A subscription was raised in 1678 to build a new chapel. Among those who subcribed were the Queen, Catherine of Braganza, whose husband Charles II was the son of the executed king; the future Queen Anne; Clarendon: Rochester: Pepys; and Evelyn.

The church is almost hidden amongst later buildings, but has a small tower and cupola.

The chancel was added by Ewan Christian in 1882.

The plasterwork ceiling is the church`s glory. It was created between 1682 and 1696 by John Wetherell and Henry Doogood.

One particular pew was regularly occupied by the young Princess Victoria.

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