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Former Public Library (Rochford)

[An image showing Former Public Library]The Former Public Library in the historic Essex town of Rochford is situated in the Market Square.

It is a modern building, constructed in the 1970s after an attractive earlier building on the site was destroyed by fire.

You might just find, in the Library’s reference section, references to the Leicester based Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby, who was born in the town and was in the 1970s a prominent member of the Rochford Hundred Amenities Society.

Rochford has a unique mediaeval street system. North Street, South Street, East Street and West Street almost meet at what is almost a crossroads, but no two of these streets actually meet head on. The Market Place is situated off West Street, and is joined by an alley to North Street.

Rochford, where Joseph Banyard founded the Christian sect known as the Peculiar People, regained its market a few years ago.

The pavement outside the Public Library is used as the starting point for Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby’s Guided Walks in Rochford.

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