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High Street (Portsmouth)

The High Street in Portsmouth is now something of a backwater, but was the main street of this fine naval town until its 19th century expansion. The area is now known as Old Portsmouth.

There are a number of interesting buildings in the High Street.

The splendid Portsmouth Cathedral (Anglican) dates back to the 12th century, but became a cathedral in 1927.

Buckingham House is where the notorious Duke of Buckingham was assassinated in 1628.

The John Pounds Memorial Chapel commemorates the local man who founded the Ragged Schools.

The site of the George Hotel, where Nelson spent his last night on land, is in the High Street, as is the site of the birthplace of the writer George Maredith.

The Portsmouth Grammar School was founded in 1732, and is housed in former barracks.

The High Street leads down to the heavily defended waterfront area known as Portsmouth Point.

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