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Buckingham House (Portsmouth)

Buckingham House is the building in Portsmouth where the Duke of Buckingham was murdered in 1628.

The house is in the High Street of what is now known as Old Portsmouth, not far from Portsmouth Cathedral (Anglican). It is basically a mediaeval timber framed building which was formerly the Spotted Dog Inn, but was modernised with a new frontage in the 17th century.

George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, was a Leicestershire man. He became an intimate friend of James I, who called him "Steenie". This was an allusion to St. Stephen, who was said to have had the face of an angel. James foolishly let himself be influenced in political matters by Buckingham.

After the King's death, and the accession of Charles I, Buckingham continued to be greatly resented for his unwarranted power, and was assassinated here by John Felton, a discontented Army officer.

Felton was later hanged, although his action led to an outpouring of national rejoicing.

In later years, the house was owned by John Mason, the founder of New Hampshire.

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