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Rodney Street (Liverpool)

Rodney Street is an elegant Georgian street in the outstanding maritime city of Liverpool.

At one end is Liverpool Cathedral (Anglican), and the other end is just around the corner from Liverpool Cathedral (Anglican).

It is named after Admiral Rodney, and the first house was built in 1783, the year after his great victory over the French at the Battle of the Saints, fought in the Caribbean.

William Ewart Gladstone, four times Prime Minister in the 19th century, was born in Rodney Street. Others born in the street were the poet Arthur Clough and novelist Nicholas Monsarrat, who wrote "The Cruel Sea".

The writer Lytton Strachey lived in Rodney Street, and so did Dr. W. H. Duncan, who in the mid-19th century was Liverpool's first Medical Officer for Health. This was the first such appointment in Britain, made necessary by the appalling slum conditions in which so many of the city's working class lived at the time.

Today, few of the houses are lived in. Many are used as consulting rooms by medical specialists.

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