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Liverpool Cathedral (Anglican) (Liverpool)

Christ Church Cathedral at Liverpool, the Anglican one, is one of the city’s two twentieth century cathedrals. The Catholic Cathedral is also a modern construction.

It stands on a hill known as St. James’s Mount, and dominates the view of the city from miles away, including from North Wales.

The Diocese of Liverpool was founded in 1880, and the architect appointed was the young Giles Gilbert Scott, who is also well known for Battersea and Bankside Power Stations in London (the latter now functioning as Tate Modern) and red telephone boxes. Work began in 1904, and was completed in 1980.

Over the West Front door is a sculpture by Elisabeth Frink, entitled "The Welcoming Christ", and a few feet away, facing the cathedral, is a slab marking the burial place of the architect Giles Gilbert Scott and his wife.

This massive red sandstone building, running parallel to the River Mersey, is the largest Anglican cathedral in the world, and is only smaller than St. Peter’s in Rome.

Outside the cathedral is a cemetery, within an old quarry.

Leading away from the Anglican cathedral is Rodney Street, affording just a few minutes walk to the Catholic cathedral.

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