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St. Mary`s Church (Deerhurst)

St. Mary`s Church is the parish church of the tiny village of Deerhurst in Gloucestershire.

Originally part of an important monastery, it dates back to the 7th century, and displays tell tale long and short stonework.

Amazingly, it was omitted from the Domesday Book even though it was then around 400 years old.

The chancel dates from about 1650, and is the only example in England from the Puritan period. The early 17th century communion rails enclose the altar on all four sides.

There is an excellent stone carved font, probably the best preserved Anglo-Saxon font to survive.

The only example of a dog being named on a brass is here. Terri was the dog belonging to Alice Cassy, wife of Sir John Cassy, Baron of the Exchequer. The brass dates from 1400.

Some unusual Anglo-Saxon windows look into the nave from the tower, and there are beautiful examples of leaf carving from about 1180.

Behind the church is an extraordinarily beautiful carved angel.

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