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Deerhurst is a tiny village in Gloucestershire, 7 miles from Cheltenham and 2 miles from Tewkesbury. It is set in a bend of the River Severn, and well away from main roads.

For such a small place, it has an amazing amount of history, including two Anglo-Saxon churches.

St. Mary's Church was part of an important monastery. It has tell tale long and short stonework and an excellent carved font, and dates from the 7th century. It has an extraordinarily beautiful carved angel.

Odda's Chapel has an inscription dating it to 12th April 1056. It was discovered within a timber framed house, having been forgotten for centuries.

It was at Deerhurst that Edmund Ironside and Cnut met after the fateful Battle of Ashingdon in 1016, and made arrangements to partition England. Edmund died shortly after, in dubious circumstances, and Cnut became King of all England.

Places in Deerhurst

St. Mary`s Church