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Saffron Walden

Saffron Walden is a lovely old market town in North West Essex, in the area often referred to as Lovejoy Country after the popular TV series.

There are hundreds of listed buildings in the town centre, many of them displaying traditional Essex building features such as weatherboarding, pargeting and colourwash.

There is a ruined castle, and a turf maze, of a type once common in England but now rare. There is another at the village of Wing in Rutland.

Saffron Walden acquired its “Saffron” prefix by virtue of its being the growing centre for the saffron crocus, whose purple flower gives a yellow-orange dye.

St. Mary’s church is one of the largest in the county.

Just outside the town is Audley End, one of England’s most magnificent stately homes.

Places in Saffron Walden

Bridge End Garden, Fry Art Gallery, High Street, Market Place, Maze, Saffron Walden Castle, Saffron Walden Museum, St. Marys Church, Sun Inn

Places in Saffron Walden...