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Inveraray is an attractive small town in Scotland, beside Loch Fyne and at the mouth of the River Aray, 16 miles from Lochgilphead.

It was a planned town founded in 1745 by the third Duke Argyll, the head of Clan Campbell. Most of the architecture was by William Adam. The present town is where a fishing village once stood, while the original site of the town is within the grounds of Inveraray Castle.

The church has a bell tower offering splendid views, and with a peal commemorating Campbells killed in the First World War.

Inveraray Jail Museum, beside the shore, is housed in the Georgian courthouse.

Inveraray Castle was rebuilt in 1745 by the Duke of Argyll, at which point he moved the town. There had been fortresses on the site since the 13th century, and some 15th century ruins remain.

Argyll Wildlife Park contains indigenous Scottish animals and wildfowl.

Neil Munro, the novelist and creator of Para Handy, was born at Inveraray.

Places in Inveraray

Arctic Penguin Maritime Heritage Centre, Inveraray Castle

Places in Inveraray...