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Hampton Court

Hampton Court is an attractive commuter area of Grater London, straddling both sides of the River Thames, and close to Richmond (Surrey).

The magnificent Hampton Court Palace was begun by Cardinal Wolsey in the 16th century, but taken over and extended by Henry VIII after Wolsey`s fall from grace and death at Leicester. Christopher Wren made considerable additions for William III.

There are extensive grounds and gardens, as well as probably the world`s most famous Maze.

The Green has a lovely collection of houses, in one of which, the Old Court House, Wren died.

The Thames Bridge was built by Edwin Lutyens in the 1930s.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Hampton Court for groups.

Places in Hampton Court

Bushy Park, Garrick`s Temple, Hampton Court Palace, Hampton Court Station

Places in Hampton Court...