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Wolvesey Palace (Winchester)

Wolvesey Palace is a historic building in Winchester, with the remains of an even more historic building beside it.

There was an important building on the site in Anglo-Saxon times, but Wolvesey Castle was built in the 12th century by Bishop Henry of Blois, who was the half brother of King Stephen, as the Bishop's Palace.

After a fire at Winchester Castle in 1302, the Kings of England started to prefer Wolvesey Castle. Henry V entertained the French ambassador here before the invasion which led to Agincourt.

Mary Tudor and Philip of Spain spent their honeymoon at Wolvesey, after their wedding at Winchester Cathedral.

The castle was slighted by Oliver Cromwell's army during the Civil War.

A new Bishop's Palace, in the Baroque style, was built for Bishop Morley in 1684. The architect was probably Christopher Wren.

The remains of Wolvesey Castle can be visited. The outer wall forms part of Winchester's City Walls beside the River Itchen.

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