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Tiverton Castle (Tiverton)

Tiverton Castle was a large castle at Tiverton in Devon, but is now in ruins.

The 14th century gatehouse stands next to St. Peter`s Church.

The castle was begun in 1066, immediately after the Norman Conquest, and had three round towers and a square one, as well as a wide double moat.

It fell into decay during the 16th century when the Marquis of Exeter, its owner, was executed for treason by Henry VIII.

In the Civil War, the castle was garrisoned for the King by three hundred soldiers, but while it was being besieged by General Massey a freak lucky shot exposed the inner courtyard and the castle fell.

The remains of a 14th century hall and chapel are still visible.

There is a good collection of clocks and furnishings.

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