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St. Marys Church (Tissington)

St. Mary's is the parish church of the pretty little Derbyshire village of Tissington, famous for its annual Well Dressing.

The church is set on a little hill overlooking the village. The path climbs up quite steeply to thechurchyard, where there are six stately yew trees.

St. Mary's dates from the Norman period, and has a massive West tower.

Under the porch is one of the finest Norman doorways in England, with a superb tympanum containing geometrical designs and a mysterious human figure at each end.

The ancient font is cylindrical and stands on a square plinth. It has an amazing collection of figures, some of which, such as the Lamb of God, are easily recognisable, while most are not.

The church was originally the chapel of a previous Hall, marked only today by a grassy mound. Today's Tissington Hall is the other side of the village street.

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