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Stamford Station (Stamford)

Stamford Station is the entrance to the outstanding Lincolnshire town of Stamford when arriving by rail.

The station is situated on the South side of the River Welland, in the part of town known as Stamford Baron.

Stamford owes much of its old-worlde atmosphere to the fact that the main railway line North from London was not welcomed by the local gentry, who had the line rerouted to pass through the then lesser town of Peterborough. Stamford was thus saved from the wholesale destruction that usually accompanies new forms of transport.

In due course the Syston and Peterborough Railway was constructed, and this passed through Stamford. Above the station, a weather vane carries the letters "SP".

The railway runs under the town in a tunnel, causing visitors to often be surprised that there is a line at all.

The station is the second, the earlier one having closed in 1848. It now incorporates an excellent bookshop, specialising in railway books.

Trains from Stamford run to Oakham, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Hinckley and Birmingham in one direction, and to Peterborough, Ely, Cambridge and Stansted Airport in the other.

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