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Rugby Station (Rugby)

Rugby Station is the railway station which serves the busy town of Rugby in Warwickshire.

It is a few minutes walk from the Clock Tower, at the bottom of the hill.

This is the third Rugby Station, the first having been closed in 1840 and the second in 1886.

Trains from London leave from Euston Station and arrive by way of Milton Keynes, with some going via the loop through Northampton.

From Rugby, one line goes forward to Coventry and Birmingham, while another goes to Nuneaton, Tamworth, Lichfield, Crewe and Liverpool.

Rugby was once an even more important junction.

One line ran to Dunchurch and Leamington.

Another went to Countesthorpe and Leicester.

Yet another went to Welford and Market Harborough.

There was also a station named Rugby Central, which was on the Great Central Railway, closed under the Marples Axe in the 1960s.

Trains on this line reached Rugby from Nottingham, Loughborough and Leicester, and continued to Aylesbury and Marylebone Station in London.

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