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Town Green (Rothley)

[An image showing Town Green]Town Green is the attractive village green of Rothley, on the edge of Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire.

It is situated at the end of Town Green Street, a few minutes walk away from the present centre of the village at Cross Green.

Rothley is a village whose shape has changed over the centuries. The original village axis was at right angles to the present one, running from Town Green to St. Mary and St. John Church.

Town Green is a most attractive feature of the village, although completely unknown to most visitors. The triangular green, shaded by an impressive tree, is open to the public, but fenced off, so it does not suffer from the usual plague of parked cars.

There are nine cruck framed buildings around the green, and on three of these the cruck frames can be seen.

At the far extremity of the road, the Keeper's Lodge sits beside a stile leading to a fotopath.

From another corner, a lane leads out to Thurcaston, beside the Rothley Brook, which is close but just out of sight of the green.

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