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Thorpe Prebend House (Ripon)

Thorpe Prebend House is one of the most historic buildings in the small but ancient cathedral city of Ripon in Yorkshire.

It is situated in High Street Agnesgate, beside the ruins of St. Anne's Chapel Hospital.

A prebend is an ecclesiastical estate, the revenue from which provided clergy, in particular canons, with an income.

Thorpe Prebend itself may date back to the Anglo-Saxon period, perhaps even as far back as St. Wilfrid, who founded Ripon Cathedral.

Thorpe Prebend House was rebuilt in 1609. Among those who stayed here are Mary Queen of Scots and her son, James VI of Scotland who became James I of England.

Today, the house contains the "Ripon in Wonderland" experience, narrating the story of the cathedral and the city, with explanatioons of how the cathedral's crypt and misericords helped to inspire Lewis Carroll to write "Alice in Wonderland".

There is also a room dedicated to the World War Two poet Wilfred Owen.

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