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Market Place (Ripon)

The Market Place in the historic Yorkshire cathedral city of Ripon is a very large one.

The city was granted its market charter in 1108, and there has been a weekly market on the site ever since.

The Obelisk in the centre of the Market Place was erected in 1781, and replaced the original Market Cross. It celebrated the local Member of Parliament's 60 years in the House of Commons. At 90 feet, it is said to be the tallest and oldest free standing obelisk in England.

The timber framed Wakeman's House dates back to the 16th century, and is a reminder of the Wakeman, otherwise known as the Hornblower, who sounds his horn at 9pm each night, to assure the citizens of Ripon that they are safe until morning. This tradition began in 886, when Alfred the Great gave Ripon its town charter.

The classical Town Hall has the Biblical inscription "Except ye Lord keep ye Cittie ye Wakeman waketh in vain".

The Unicorn Hotel was a favourite of Edward VII. One of the servants, Tom Crudd, known as Old Boots, had an unusual talent. He could hold a coin between his chin and his nose.

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