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Quorn Hall (Quorn)

Quorn Hall is a 17th century house in the Leicestershire village of Quorn.

The original hall at Quorn was built by Robert de Farnham in th 14th century, on the site of what is now known as Quorn House.

A branch of the same family built what was then known as the Netherhall in the 15th century. This was burnt down and replaced in the 17th century by the house now known as Quorn Hall.

In 1753 it was acquired by Hugo Meynell, who was very much a foxhunting man. He brought his hounds to Quorn from Great Bowden, and established what is still probably England's most famous hunt, the Quorn. It was Meynell who was largely responsible for formulating hunting's rules.

Quorn Hall is an attractive house, and is today in the ownership of Leicestershire County Council and used as an education centre, receiving school parties from across Europe.

It is reached from Meynell Road, and faces the lovely River Soar across a lawn.

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