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Tales of Robin Hood (Nottingham)

Tales of Robin Hood is a very popular tourist attraction in the East Midlands city of Nottingham.

It can be found in Maid Marian Way, a dual carriageway which effectively separates the City Centre from Nottingham Castle. The attraction is on the castle side of the road.

Tales of Robin Hood trades on the popular link between the much-loved outlaw and the city. Whether he ever existed is dubious, but he certainly did in popular imagination, and his connection with Nottingham is even more tenuous (the mostly likely connections are with Yorkshire), but the city has made a fortune from the promotion of the legends.

The attraction is first class. One travels in small cars on rails, with recorded commentaries, which are available in seven languages. The action takes place all around the cars, as they travel on an exciting journey through mediaeval Nottingham and the mystical greenwood of Sherwood Forest.

All the notable players in the usual stories are featured - Robin Hood and his Merrie Men, Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlett, Alan a Dale, Much the Miller's Son, Maid Marian and of course the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

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