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Old Trip to Jerusalem (Nottingham)

The Old Trip to Jerusalem is a public house in Nottingham. It is certainly one of the most famous inns in England, and one of the several which claim to be the oldest.

It stands at the bottom of the Castle Rock, at the top of which is Nottingham Castle, and has for its neighbour the Brewhouse Yard Museum.

Both buildings are in fact built into the rock, which is honeycombed with caves, like so much of Nottingham.

The Old Trip to Jerusalem has the date 1189 painted on the side. That is the date of the accession of Richard I, who spent all but six months of his ten year reign out of the country, including his adventures in the Crusades.

The name suggests that the pub was a meeting point for those who were to take part in the Crusades, and this may well be the case. It is certainly a very old inn.

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