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Nottingham Cathedral (Catholic) (Nottingham)

St. Barnabas Cathedral is the Catholic cathedral serving the city of Nottingham.

It stands in Derby Road, in the city centre.

The architect was the great Augustus Pugin, backed by the Earl of Shrewsbury, Ambrose Phillipps de Lisle and Bishop Walsh.

It was completed in 1844 and became a cathedral in 1850. When it opened, it was the largest Catholic church in England.

There is a tower and broach spire above the central crossing. The walls are built of the local sandstone, and the roofs are of tiles and green slate.

The South East chapel contains a statue of St. Hugh, carved by Eric Gill.

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel is an amazing vision of the Middle Ages, recreated by J. Alphege Pippet in the 1930s.

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