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St. Mary`s Church (Minster-in-Thanet)

St. Mary`s Church is the parish church of the ancient Kent village of Minster-in-Thanet.

The church was founded in the 7th century, and rebuilt by the Normans wih a massive tower. The rebuilding continued in the 13th century with a new crossing and chancel.

There are, however, still remnants of the original Anglo-Saxon church.

The misericords were added to the choir stalls in the 15th century, and make a most interesting collectioon.

The incumbent during the Commonwelth was Richard Culmer, known as "Blue Dick". A famous iconoclast, he destroyed Canterbury Cathedral`s stained glass, and was so unpopular that his name is oitted from the list of incumbents.

John Lewis, vicar in the 18th century, wrote a thousand sermons, but ordered them to be destroyed at his death "lest they contribute to the laziness of others".

St. Mary`s has a fine wide churchyard.

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