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Maeldune Centre (Maldon)

[An image showing Maeldune Centre]The Maeldune Centre concentrates on the history of Maldon, in one of the Essex town's most historic buildings.

It is situated on the corner of High Street and Market Hill. The building is often taken, mistakenly, to be a church.

In fact the tower was the tower of St. Peter's Church, formerly one of three parish churches in Maldon. The others, both still operational, are All Saints Church and St. Marys Church.

Dr. Plume, a Maldon man who rose to be Archdeacon of Rochester, added a two storey brick house to the surviving tower in 1704, and installed a library therein. This library, which from its inception held 6,000 books, still exists.

Today, the ground floor is taken up with the Maeldune Centre.

Along the wall is the Maldon Tapestry, which tells Maldon's story, including of course the Battle of Maldon, which took place in 991, and which is the subject of the earliest known narrative poem in the English language.

There is also exhibition space, used from time to time by local art groups.

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