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Moot Hall (Maldon)

[An image showing Moot Hall]The Moot Hall is an important mediaeval building in the lovely old Essex town of Maldon.

The Moot Hall is sometimes known as the D'Arcy Tower, and owes its alternative name to Robert D'Arcy, of the local D'Arcy family, who caused it to be built.

It stands in the High Street, close to All Saints Church, with its unique triangular tower.

The Moot Hall was originally a plain brick tower, with a rear stair turret, built around 1435.

The porch, added about 1830, stands astride the pavement, in a similar way to Wren's Guildhall at Windsor.

The building has been used as Town Hall, courtroom and prison.

It contains portraits of several monarchs, namely Elizabeth I, Charles II, Anne and George III.

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