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Moat Road Car Park (Loughborough)

The Moat Road Car Park is on the edge of Loughborough, beside an old lane that has led for centuries to the Outwoods in Charnwood Forest.

It is a pleasant spot, with a children’s play area and an open space with a good number of trees, known locally as Pignut Spinney, close by.

There is also a charming little stream, which is a tributary of the Woodbrook, which flows through Loughborough to eventually join the River Soar.

The car park is situated at the end of Moat Road, off Valley Road. This in turn is off Forest Road, which leads out from the town into the forest at Nanpantan.

Alternatively, there is a delightful footpath leading there from the town centre near Queens Park.

Moat Road Car Park is the starting point for some of Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby’s Guided Walks.

Moat Road Car Park (Loughborough) is the starting point for...

The Outwoods

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