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Loughborough Station (Loughborough)

Loughborough Station, on the old Midland line, stands on the edge of the town off Nottingham Road.

The station has been slightly moved, the earlier building having been situated on the other side of Nottingham Road, but still of course on the same line.

It was the earlier station that assured Loughborough’s place in the history of tourism. Loughborough was the destination for Thomas Cook’s first excursion in 1841, when he hired a train to bring hundreds from Leicester for a Temperance meeting.

The Midland was quite an early line, and is still in operation. Trains to London now terminate at St. Pancras, and there are direct services, not only to Leicester, but to such other cities as Derby and Nottingham.

The forecourt outside Loughborough Station is the starting point for some of Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby’s Guided Walks.

Loughborough Station (Loughborough) is the starting point for...

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