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Westminster Cathedral (Catholic) (London)

Westminster Cathedral of the Most Precious Blood is the major Catholic cathedral in England, being situated in London, the nation's capital.

It can be found off Victoria Street, near Victoria Station.

The idea for the cathedral was first proposed by Cardinal Manning, but it was his successor, Cardinal Vaughan, who pressed ahead with the scheme.

John Francis Bentley was appointed the architect in 1894. He decided on a Byzantine style, and he created a truly striking building.

The cathedral was completed in 1902, and consecrated in 1903. Before consecration, the first performance of Elgar's "Dream of Gerontius" took place here.

The facade is of red brick, with layered Portland stone. There are two small domes on the roof, and a 284-foot campanile.

The whole thing can be appreciated fully since clearance of buildings fronting the cathedral, creating a piazza.

Pevsner commented "the interior is without a doubt one of the most moving of any churches in London."

Eric Gill created the Stations of the Cross.

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