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St. Mary Aldermary (London)

St. Mary Aldermary is one of the many fascinating churches in the City of London.

It is situated, sandwiched really, in apiece of land where Bow Laner meets Queen Victoria Street.

The unusual suffix "Aldermary" is believed to mean "the older Mary", meaning that it was older than the much better known St. Mary le Bow at the other end of Bow Lane..

First mentioned in the 11th century, the original church was probably a Saxon foundation, rebuilt in about 1520.

It was largely destroyed in the Great Fire of London of 1666, and rebuilt again by Christopher Wren. The outstanding tower was also rebuilt, the original having perished in a later Great Storm, probably by Nicholas Hawksmoor.

St. Mary`s is blessed with a beautiful complete fan vault ceiling, the only one in a parish church in England, the others being in cathedrals.

John Milton married his third wife here.

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