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St. Magnus the Martyr (London)

St. Magnus the Martyr is one of the many interesting churches in the City of London.

It is situated in Lower Thames Street, close to the River Thames and beside Old Billingsgate Market.

The church here that was destroyed by the Great Fire of London dated from the 11th century, before the lifetime of the Magnus to whom it was dedicated.

It was rebuilt by Christopher Wren in the 1670s, and in the late 18th century the aisles were shortened so that a footpath leading to Old London Bridge, much closer than the present bridge, could pass through the tower.

There are some stones in the churchyard which come from the London Bridge demolished in the 19th century.

St. Magnus the Martyr is mentioned in T. S. Eliot`s "The Wasteland".

In the old church were buried Henry Yevele, the master architect, and Miles Coverdale, Bible translator, who was at one time Rector here.

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