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St. Katharine Cree (London)

St. Katharine Cree is one of the fascinating churches in the City of London.

It is situated on the corner of Leadenhall Street and Creechurch Lane.

The original church was built by the neighbouring Priory of Holy Trinity at Aldgate, to serve the local laity. The word "Cree" is a corruption of he phrase "Christ Church".

It partially collapsed and was rebuilt in 1630, the new church being consecrated by Archbishop William Laud.

The church survived the Great Fire of London in 1666, standing beyond the fire`s Eastern limit.

It has a tower complete with cupola.

John Gayer, Lord Mayor of London, was menaced by a lion in Syria in about 1630. The lion decided not to eat him, and in gratitude he financed the annual Lion Sermon, which is still given at St. Katherine Cree today.

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