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St. Botolph Aldgate (London)

St. Botolph Aldgate is one of a number of churches in London to be dedicated to this Anglo-Saxon saint.

The others, St. Botolph Bishopsgate and St. Botolph Aldersgate, share with this church a location just outside a City gate, and there was formerly another near Billingsgate. Botolph was often invoked, in the hope of a safe journey.

There has been a church on this site since the Saxon period, on this important road leading out into Essex, and particularly to Colchester.

The present church, completed in 1744, is by the distinguished architect George Dance the Elder.

In the late 19th century, the many prostitutes of the Aldgate and Whitechapel area were left alone by police so long as they stayed on the island around the church.

One such, Catherine Eddowes, was murdered by Jack the Ripper in nearby Mitre Square on 30th September 1888. She was his second victim that night.

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