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Kensington Palace (London)

Kensington Palace is one of the Royal palaces of London.

It can be found in Kensington Gardens, which were created out of the palace`s own gardens beside Hyde Park.

Originally built for Sir George Coppin in the 17th century, the palace was bought by William and Mary in 1689, and it was enlarged by Christopher Wren in the 1720s.

There is work by William Kent and Grinling Gibbons.

William III, Anne and George II (falling off the toilet) all died at Kensington Palace.

Beside the palace itself is the striking Orangery, designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor in 1704.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana lived at Kensington Palace in the 1980s. After Diana`s death in 1997, the extraordinary collection of flowers - the largest ever seen in London - was placed outside the palace.

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