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Brompton Oratory (London)

The London Oratory of St. Philip Neri is a major Catholic church in London.

It is situated on the Brompton Road, in the Kensington district, next door to the Anglican Holy Trinity Church.

The Oratorians had been led by Father Faber from the Midlands to London in 1849, and they wished to have "a good, large and stately church".

Funds were being sought in 1875, and by 1878 a competition was announced to design the new church, under the watchful professional eye of Alfred Waterhouse.

The winning architect was Herbert Gribble, a former pupil of Joseph Aloysius Hansom.

The Brompton Oratory was opened in 1884. It is built in the Baroque style, and has a fine dome added in 1896.

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