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Hertford Castle (Hertford)

Hertford Castle was an important castle in the Norman period at the historic town of Hertford.

It was built by William the Conqueror shortly after the Norman Conquest to guard the crossing of the Great North Road over the River Lea.

The French Dauphin Louis, who claimed the crown of England during John`s reign, besieged and took the castle.

It was given to Queen Margaret, the second wife of Edward I, in 1304 and remained a Royal palace untilthe accession of James I in 1603. Among those imprisoned here were David II of Scotland, John of France and Margaret of Anjou, Henry VI`s queen.

At times of plague in London Elizabeth I held the Law Courts at the castle.

Most of the internal buildings were demolished in the 17th century when it passed to William, Earl of Salisbury.

Today the gatehouse, built in 1463 is now used as council offices, the motte, postern gate and most of the curtain wall (over 20 feet high) remain, set in a pleasant park.

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