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Castle Green (Hereford)

Castle Green is a pleasant and well kept open space in the ancient cathedral city of Hereford.

It is close to the Victoria Footbridge over the River Wye.

The green, with steps leading up from the footbridge, is the site of Hereford Castle. It contains a bowling green.

The castle was originally built in 1052 in the Anglo-Saxon period, thus before the Norman Conquest, by Harold, Earl of Wessex and later King, as part of his campaigns against the Welsh.

It was later strengthened by the Normans.

On the green is Nelson's Column, erected in 1809. This is a reminder that Lord Nelson visited Hereford on many occasions, and was a Freeman of the city.

Nearby is the house called Castle Cliff, the only surviving part of the castle, and the village green-like Redcliffe Gardens.

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