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All Saints Church (Hereford)

All Saints is one of the City Centre churches in the old cathedral city of Hereford, and a very fine one it is.

The tower and spire tend to dominate the skyline more effectively than Hereford Cathedral.

All Saints has no churchyard. Instead, there are pavements and pedestrianised streets, so there is usually an air of bustle in the vicinity.

The church is largely 13th century, including the tower, which formerly had a twist. This was corrected in 1992.

The proportions are unusual, the church being nearly as wide as it is long, and the ceiling is unusually high.

There are excellent mediaeval choir stalls with misericords, and the South chapel has a reredos dating from the time of Queen Anne.

All Saints still has a charity bread shelf, which is still in use.

There was formerly a chained library, but the books were sold to rise funds, and are now in the similar library in the cathedral.

Active attempts are made to get the public into the church, notably by having a coffee bar and restaurant, known as the "Cafe @ All Saints".

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