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High Street (Halstead)

The High Street is the main street of the attractive Essex market town of Halstead.

This street gives the lie to all those misinformed people who insist that Essex is flat.

It is probably the steepest of any High Street in the country which is used for the usual commercial purposes.

The High Street descends from St. Andrews Church (where the Roman road known as the Via Devana passes by, on its way from Leicester to Colchester), down to the River Colne.

There is a house in the High Street known as the Chantry House, which was founded in 1412 by Bartholomew Lord Bourchier.

On Market Days, the length of the High Street is taken up by market stalls.

Halstead is well known for its cycle races, a feature of which is a gruelling ride up the High Street to the finish line.

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