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St. Mary of Charity (Faversham)

St. Mary of Charity is the splendid parish church of the historic town of Faversham in Kent.

Built in the early mediaeval period, it once had a central tower, but this collapsed.

The chancel and transepts were rebuilt in 1301, after the church was attacked by the townspeople.

The transepts have aisles, very unusually, and there are chancel chapels.

George Dance Senior built a new nave in 1754 - 55, and Charles Beazley built a new West tower in 1799, with four flying buttresses and a slender spire.

There are two piscinas in the South transept, and one in the North, while in the chancel there is a piscina and sedilia.

In addition to all this, there are misericords and 14th century wall paintings.

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