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Pendennis Castle (Falmouth)

Pendennis Castle is an impressive castle at Falmouth in Cornwall.

The entrance is situated across a drawbridge from Castle Drive.

It was constructed by Henry VIII in 1548, along with nearby St. Mawes Cstle, to guard the huge natural harbour known as the Carrick Roads.

The castle stands 300 feet above the sea, and has a circular tower 56 feet in diameter, with 11 feet thick walls pierced with gun embrasures in three tiers.

A large angular rampart wall was added during Elizabeth I`s reign, covering nearly 2 acres.

Pendennis Castle was besieged by General Fairfax in 1646, and held out from March to August before finally surrendering.

There is a fine collection of arms and armour, while here is now a Youth Hostel in the Elizabethan part.

The castle is now in the hands of English Heritage.

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