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St. John the Baptist Church (Epping)

St. John the Baptist is the parish church of Epping in Essex.

Epping, being a relatively modern town, does not have a mediaeval church, but the original settlement of Epping Upland has All Saints Church, dating from the 13th century.

St. John's was originally built in 1832, but was found to be inadequate, so a replacement was commissioned by the church authorities in 1889. The architects they chose were Bodley and Garner.

It is a large, impressive and surprisingly beautiful church, which stands in a good position on a corner of the High Street.

The tower, by Bodley, was erected in 1909. Thre are windows which are the work of Kempe.

St. John's stands on a site that had had been used for a small chapel, serving what was then a very small settlement, in the 16th century.

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