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St. Laurence and All Saints Church (Eastwood (Essex))

St. Laurence and All Saints Church is the parish church of the old country village of Eastwood (Essex), now a suburb of Southend.

This mediaeval church is now in the shadow of Southend Airport, with low flying aircraft, and there have been calls for it to be moved for the convenience of passengers on the planes.

There are two doors dating from the 12th century, and there is much work of the 13th and 14th centuries.

The tower has a weatherboarded bell turret and a slender spire.

The circular font is Norman.

There is an unusual two storey priest's chamber in the North aisle. In 1619, it was the undoing of the parish priest, who was taken before the Archdeacon for "sleeping in time of divine service upon a Sunday in the afternoon this last summer, and so sat sleeping until all the people were gone forth from the church."

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